Pets will get goggles!.. maybe


@Tom just said on the Countdown Livestream that if we hit $750,000 before the Kickstarter ends (excluding Paypal), we will get optional goggles on our pets as a variant!


I’m trying to imagine my in-game cat wearing goggles…


I can’t wait to see my puppy wearing goggles… especially if we can make the dog look like a Golden Retriever…


i thought he said that -one- pet would have a goggle variant, as opposed to all pets potentially having goggles… correct?

come on 750k! :smiley:


@SteveAdamo At first he said pets and then about 15 minutes later he said just 1 pet then in the same sentence he stopped talking about the Puppy and Kitten… so I don’t know. It’s on him. :wink:


Attention for all people who want goggles on pets, I quote the kick-starter video at around 3hrs 20 mins, they said "if we hit 750 thousand then I will add a variant of one of the pets with goggles on because for whatever reason goggles has become a meme or me me however you pronounce it. so if people want goggles on a pet I will model and it will ship in the game if we hit 750 on the kick-starter"
so tah dah goggles on a pet ( and yeah that took about ten mins and notepad to make sure I quoted correctly)


also he says if it doesn’t show in the release its because you need to at embark screen type in goggle, whatever that means, hope this helps all you goggle-ers