Patrol other things than Farms

Something that i noticed a lot is that the Farm Plots are where your troops always hang out and patrol around and many times when a battle start they are far away at the farms and if you do these tricks with putting just one row and grow more in the same area they will patrol forever at each of these rows because they are separate rows.

Feels to me at least that patrolling should be done a distance from all houses everything built because that’s what they should protect not only the farm plots.
Pretty much patrol in the home zone rather than a specific farm plot ect


I noticed the same thing early on. I don’t quite get the logic behind focusing on farm plots so heavily when setting the patrol path, but I did end up using it to my advantage. If you have a walled off city with one or two main entrances and exits, placing your farms by those entrances will make it much more likely soldiers will be where they need to be.

try my patrolmod :wink: [A20+] Patrol Points

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I think a quick fix for this (before putting more thought into it) is to simple decrease the chances of picking a farm area compared to a stockpile. (considering they should patrol the farms, else just remove them from their sight)

i added some flag points but my people did not care to walk between em at all they just going around the farm :smiley:

Will it only work on a new town or i have to create a new party for it to work?

Also see these for that topic:

its only works full on new games ^^ because now the fields etc have the old code^^

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Oh ok gonna try it in a new game :slight_smile: