Military Patrol Routes around Farms - yet another suggestion

I recently enabled viewing the paths my little hearthlings take, and it’s really really cool how the military like to patrol around buildings, stockpiles and farms.

However, one thing I noticed is that they like to patrol around every single farm field in turn, when I generally have my fields right next to each other. This results in your footmen spending 75% of the time going round in circles with the fields rather than spreading it out evenly over the settlement. Would it be possible to make pathfinding take full circles of picket and stone fences into consideration maybe? e.g. if there’s entities in a stone fence, patrol round the stone fence, but not the entities inside the stone fence. Would mean you have more control over how your military dudes patrol, but less micromanagey than assigning patrol routes manually.


The farms that are touching should be considered one huge farm by the route patrol, so they just go around it once.