Footmen patrolling a small part of my settlement

I’ve got plenty of roads going around and they simply patrol around my crops and nothing else. My town is large in terms of territory and they only see the threats when they are in the middle of town attacking workers and crafters. Can someone tell me what is going on with the footmen patrolling AI

hey there @konhacas,

if i understand footmen patrol patterns correctly, footmen will patrol around any stockpiles, crates, and farms you have in your world/town. but there isnt a way to manually set their patrol routes… :disappointed_relieved:

unless you use @Wiese2007’s patrol mod,


The problem is, i got vaults in my crafter’s den and also stone chests there and they don’t patrol around the building. But thank you for suggesting that mod, i may try it

i guess just saying “crates” was misleading, but they should be patrolling any storage containers, so its strange that they aren’t patrolling your vaults and such…

Yeah, it appears that in my game they only patrol the farms… I have crates nearby and they don’t circle them at all… it’s quite disconcerning