Pathing issues?

Does anyone know how to keep my archers on the towers i made for them? every time they see an enemy they just path back to the ground and out of safety to attack enemies.

I know for a fact that they can hit the enemy from the tower.

Any suggestions?

Locked Iron door, bed, crate of 32 food. They’re not going anywhere. :wink:


You could separate ur archer in a different group and use the guard this position flag. when enemy is in range of how u set it they will attack from tower.


This one indeed, works like a charm. Make sure you set this guardpoint on the actual level of the tower you want them to be at and theyll go there whenever they feel like they have to do their job. They need to eat twice a day and socializing makes them slightly more empathic for their situations so play around with it !

You can always lock the door as Averast has said