Park Bench suggestion

To me when I think of a park bench it should look and feel bigger than just a regular chair. Currently I feel the model is to small when next to a normal or comfy chair to be a bench as a such. I was wondering @Tom if it would be possible to actually have an idea which two/more people sit on at once like a normal bench with the current game engine and if not will it become a feature at some point?


Agreed. And in fact, I think when @Tom was first designing it in the livestream, he was talking about two people sitting on it. Perhaps it’s just that this would have required a bit more coding than he wanted to do during the livestream? And then just hadn’t gotten to it after that before release 118?

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yes, i think the intent is for the bench to seat two units (eventually)… i believe he mentioned there is some AI to incorporate to makes units “share” items…

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