Overview of emot(icons) and smilies in Discourse

Browsing through the official forum of Discourse, I came accross this nice overview of the usable “smilies”. Just don’t overdo it :innocent:.


Website for those who want it for reference: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/

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thanks, could be usfull :smiley:

According to my calculations, the number of emotes in that picture is…

Drum-Roll Please

904 :flushed:

sweet baby geezuz… i shall endeavor to speak purely via emoticons from hence force…


:clap:, :thumbsup: :four_leaf_clover: w/ :arrow_double_up:. :no_entry_sign: an…I just looked at every single one, and couldn’t find a single emote that portrayed easy, simple, or some such adjective. I forfeit… :volcano: :facepunch:

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@SteveAdamo and @cablex17 A “wise” man said:

Just don’t overdo it :innocent:.

Looks like the second “monster” I have created this week :wink:.


well all I can say to that is I’m going to have a :beer: whilst wearing my :tophat: and shall :punch: a :cake: with my :camel:

Fist…cake…camel…RHINOCEROS…right? No? Okay…

… it seems like Discourse only offers a sub-set of this complete list of smilies.

You sure? I’m picking loads of random ones and they all work, which don’t for you?

I am having a :beer: served in a :baby_bottle: while eating a :tomato: and having a staring contest w/ a :poop: :

Now that’s how people my generation should handle there free-time! :wink2:

aye… imagine my dismay at not being able to drop in a :deciduous_tree: … oh wait, seriously? deciduous tree? :smile:

but there was one i wanted to use last night… would have been really funny im sure, but alas it was missing…

e.g. :worried: … did encounter some others, but do not remember (will post them as they cross my way).

Going through them it seems that a few have changed name perhaps? So it might be a case that either the code for them has changed, or as you said, that they are no longer in.

Will do some more investigative journalism!

Edit: Think the best I can do at the moment is :fearful: It’s :worried: but with the blue…

Ohh I thought that meant you were turning into an avatar and was slightly shocked about it

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8353 including the one he used himself! 16*54+1=
opps I think I hit equals twice, its 864

191 on the website link I take it not all from the pic are available.

MUST USE these more often:

:feelsgood: :finnadie: :goberserk:

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Maybe the relaxed one could have worked for easy? :relaxed: