Mood icons (now in forum)


These :glum: are :content: pretty :forlorn: great :merry: icons :jubilant:

Thanks @Allie




Nice :merry:

Post must be at least 20 characters :glum:


Yay! :content: :jubilant: :merry:


awe now I wish there were more kinds of them! :smiley:


Ouieeeeeee :jubilant:
Thanks to whoever did this (btw, who did this?)


progress of the forum:

In the beginning :forlorn:
The first accounts are created :glum:
more and more people are finding the forum :content:
The first idea’s and creations are shared :merry:
A lively and populair forum :jubilant:


and thanks to @Relyss for adding them to the forums custom emojis :jubilant:


Target identified.
Commencing hug protocol.


And I was the first one to mention it :jubilant: :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, all thanks to @Relyss for actually adding them to the Discourse! And thanks again to @Allie for the icons themselves!


@coasterspaul, very true!
It has been an excellent team effort.


I do not know if I like this :glum:
Since it is tooooooooo awesome to only like it but to freak out :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant: :jubilant:


can we have the sun and moon icons as well?