Custom emoji not showing up?

I was looking at one of my posts and rather than the custom forum emoji we have here it just showed the text :merry: (without the backslash). But it’s showing up in the emoji menu and the preview. I wanted to know if it was just me, just that particular post, or if this is actually broken.

:forlorn: :glum: :content: :merry: :jubilant:

In some of my topics it is also just the code. Even though when I try to edit it, in the edit mode it shows ok.

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I have noticed this from time to time aswell… And when on the subject… It would be awesome to have more SH emojis (goblins?) Maybe just some of the icons like the hotheaded trait icon or the fessor trait icon? :jubilant:

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partygoblin emotes, pls