Discourse Smiley Codes

Is there a list somewhere of all the smiley codes in Discourse? There seem to be quite a few. I’ve played with the auto fill a bit and was thinking of going through them alphabetically, but that wold be very difficult because it only shows you 4 at a time. When you type “:A” you only get to “:Accept” :accept: and there are several other smilies starting with A that are not shown :arrow_double_down: :alarm_clock: :aerial_tramway:. I would assume the auto fill is sorted by popularity so I don’t know how you would find them all by brute force. This seems to be an incredible resource it would be nice to see a finite list somewhere. I’ve done a bit of searching for discourse smiley codes but couldn’t find anything. Wikipedia has a list of smiley codes but they are the old :slight_smile: :frowning: :D, etc which don’t work here. Now for fun I’m going to see if I can finish this post with as many cool smileys as I can find.

:money_with_wings: :monkey_face: :japanese_ogre: :monorail: :imp: :ghost: :recycle: :zap: :v: :vhs: :anchor: :last_quarter_moon_with_face: :octocat: :octopus: :panda_face: :radio: :currency_exchange: :aquarius: :warning: :earth_americas: :ear_of_rice: :rabbit: :tada: :taxi: :traffic_light: :train: :telephone: :left_luggage: :lock: :loudspeaker: :lipstick:

Here you are, good sir:


thanks @Spu! :+1:

i dont suppose we need to merge this? let’s just close it up… :rabbit:

yes, that was an entirely random emote…

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