Overly Excited Sheep

Summary: A sheep seems to be walking in place with no end in sight (has been doing so for over 15 minutes at game speed 2.

Steps to reproduce: Unknown

Expected results: Sheep moves!

Actual results: Sheep is stuck and walking in place

Notes: Seems similar to the thread here, however this poor sheep has not been rescued within any reasonable timeframe.


Version and Mods: develop-2630 with debug tools installed

System Information: Windows 10 Pro 64 | Intel Core i5-3360M | 16 GB system memory | Nvidia NVS 5400m

I think it’s dancing.

no, sheep dont dance… unless [this][1] happens…

also, this bug of sheep running on spot was fixed awhile back, but it seems to have made a re-appearance…

paging @Albert @sdee @yshan to take a look at this.
[1]: REPEATFEED RᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛFᴇᴇᴅ RepeatFeed