Our first steam guide

Hello guys, how are you all today?

Just to let you know, ZelGraz-Whet and myself (Super Ninja 81) on steam have created a Stonehearth guide… This is going to try to be consistently updated, along-side the game updates.

If you wish to take a look then follow this link Steam Community :: Guide :: Stonehearth: Guide and Reference Manual (please let me know if it doesn’t work… it does for me :slight_smile: )

And i would recommend the Devs definitely have a look, just in case we infringe upon copyright

Thank you all


Also, ZelGraz-Weht (this is the proper spelling) is looking for another pair of hands especially with the screen shots, so if you think you can help, just add him as a friend and send a message, or leave a comment in the comments section of the guide, thank you

Nice guide!
I don’t see any issues from our side.

One thing, though: you should probably come up with a new lead image for the guide; it has an outdated logo and the lovely Cthulu-like monster isn’t currently in the game (don’t want to mislead anyone…).

Great job.


thank you Brad, i will copy and paste your comment over to the boss :stuck_out_tongue: glad you like it

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Small edits have been made to the guide…


Very Nice!
looks like a very lot of work!

gave it a like (in steam) :up:


I have now changed the title picture in the (Intro) section… it is the current version of the games Splash screen

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@Graham_Barnfield – looks good, thanks!


Updated with video intro and LUA section

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Added the direct link to Stonehearth store page on steam (and it works :grin:


Updated: Hints and Tips and Keyboard layouts:

Steam Community :: Guide :: Stonehearth: Guide and Reference Manual (spelling mistakes are being worked on)


Have added a video guide (near the bottom, the rest of which can be eventually found on my youtube page Graham Barnfield,

Also added a few more sections and cleared up a lot (if not all) spelling mistakes and Grammatical errors

EDIT: also, if there is anything currently missing from the guide (minus new additions due to updates) or anything you would like added (you can even suggest hints and tips, and if they are good enough, you will see them in the Hints and Tips section :smiley:) Then please just PM myself, or go over to steam and add then in the comments section of the guide :smiley:

EDIT 2: also don’t forget i do not own this guide (i know i give myself most of the credit) but i don’t know who Zel is on this forum (or even if he comes here maybe i should ask him lol )

Updated the Lua section, a few other small bits and changed the ordering in some parts :smile:

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Amazing guide, I’m sure anybody who’s new to the game and reads it will greatly appreciate the information given!

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thanks man… the origional plan was for a simple 3-4 section pictorial guide not a complete walkthrough haha… at least it will help somebody out there

Also updated Wolves and Animals section


Well, I think that’s how most guides start, though I’m sure once your guide catches up to Stonehearth’s current state, it shouldn’t be too hard to update it.

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@Graham_Barnfieldfantastic job on the guide… thanks for putting this all together for the community! :+1:


remember guys, we are looking for 1 or 2 more people to help with the content, so please either contact myself Super Ninja 81 or ZelGraz-Weht on steam (if you talk to Zel, tell him i sent you :smiley: )

And this is updated almost daily :slight_smile: and my fingers are BLEEEEEEDIIIIIIIINNNG! lol


Oh? What do you need the other people to do?

well the main thing is, Zel’s partner is in labor and might be having it on wednesday (if not before) and he asked me to look for people who can help with the images and screen shots @Dracorexion

And also maybe add to the hints and tips section (you will be credited)