Other factions?

Will there be other factions that work just the way yours does but are managed by AI? I would like it if there was other factions somewhere along in their advancement (ruins, small colony, or empire) that players can discover interact with, fight or make allies to help with monsters factions, enemy factions, etc.

Also, Once upon a time I played a fun game called spore galactic adventures where players could connect online and player created adventures were created and shared, At first it was fun but then you realize that 99% of player created ones were buggy, low quality and they covered the universe, then the game was stupid.

I other words if mods will be created and put into the game, I think it would be a good I idea if the modules I think you called them, were tested and okayed by you and then added to the game.

I don’t agree with you as such, but some sort of rating/ quality control system should be implemented.

I think with the sheer size of the mods that will become available, based on the whole game essentially going to be moddable, for the devs to trawl through everything approving things would just be an impossible task.

As such, let the community vote, have a rating and report system on mods, simple as that.

There will be other factions, if you look at the kickstarter page we have reached the stretch goal where the friendly rabbit faction is being added.
I also believe that any player created content you will have to add yourself, it will not just be thrown into the game.
Think minecraft mods.

When I hear and read all the module options, I honestly think of Little Big Planet.

I would hate to tear the lovely forum apart in a faction war, but I wanted to know if there would be factions, or alliances between kingdoms or players and such. I couldn’t find any threads that answered this question.

even if there wasnt a clear cut way in multiplayer (seeing as how no ones towns are technically damaged) there might still be verbal agreements between players or groups to not attack and help each other

small thread, but a thread on factions nonetheless…