Opinion needed from the crowd!

Alright so here is my situation.

I currently have 3 mods running. An armoury, a decoration mod and an essential base mod. (the essential mod is needed to use any of the other mods) I currently have some coders looking how to implant a manual equipment selection into the game. If that is ready i was thinking about adding more variations on excisting armour.

Now here is my “problem” I would love to let the painter (from the decoration mod) colour/reskin armour. But this means you would need both mods so i have a few options thought out for this and i would love to hear your opinion.

  • Make it all one big mod
  • Relocate the painter to the Essential mod
  • Dont let the painter make the variation (just let the respective crafter make it)

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If you have any other suggestions just put them down below.
Love to hear what you guys think of this situation!

I think the most logical way is to release Painter as a side-mod intended to work in harmony with your other mods; include multi-colour recipes inside the Painter as opposed to including them in the main Decoration mod. Same with armour.

The issue is, this would break the game for anyone who already has a previous version of your mod. So I guess the next best thing is putting him into the Essential mod.

I chose the ‘Don’t let the painter’ option. The crafters bein’ the master of their particular resource would make them more than qualified to know the best treatments or techniques to use to achieve the desired effect.

Giving it to the painter seems like busy work, unless that’s the intention. If you are looking for busy work if the concept from @BrunoSupremo Sweeper class could be tweaked to only affect the reachable portions of buildings with a dirtying effect you could then have your Painter class go around and freshen up the paint on buildings. They’d technically just be using their paint brush to wipe off the dirt, but it would give the appearance of them applying a new coat of paint. I realize that’s probably a coding nightmare lol.

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Thabks to everyone that voted or commented already!

Still looking for more votes ^¢^

Currently making it one big mod is ahead.

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Alright it seems like one mod to rulle them all is the way to go.

I think ill be working on that next then so that everthing is in one big mod but i only have to get a good name for it since it is mod containing bits or lots of many different segments of the game.

Anyone any sugesstions. I was thinking about modpack but its only one mod so that is kinda odd.
Currently it would contain:

  • Armour
  • Weapons
  • Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Small crafting reworks
  • A new class
  • Traders
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Yangz mod? Yangz workbench? Yangz bitz and pieces? :slight_smile:


Ooh maybe Yangz bitz of everything ^¢^


While I like having it as the separate mods just because I don’t really use the armoury aspects, I’m more than happy to encourage you to make it into one mod if that works best for you; it’s not really any fur off my chin to just not make the armoury items if I don’t want to use them, after all.

I’d also pitch in Yangz Yings, as a play on ying-and-yang and a mispronunciation of “things” :wink:


I like the Yin-Yang effect in the name and maybe i should make the description start with a balanced collections of items and features!

Side note i am actually really fan of the Yin-Yang concept. (I even have a tattoo of it on my shoulder xD)

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Realesed the One mod to rule them all! Thx everybody for the votes and suggenstions!