OP Citizens In Stonehearth Tutorial (Done)-Will be updated as new classes come out

I Have Found out a way to be able to make the most OP citizens in the game by modifying their stats for levels on recipes, and stuff like that. After I am done modifying I will post the files here along with a very simple tutorial…

Finally finished all of the modification to the files…

I am taking no responsibility if you mess up your game, do this at your own risk. It really shouldn’t though.

  1. Download this file -> CitizenFiles.zip (3.0 MB)
  2. Go to your Stonehearth folder
  3. Go to Mods
  4. Open stonehearth.smod
  5. Open the file that you downloaded and paste them into the archive inside the stonehearth folder that comes up when you open the Smod file. if it says that they are duplicates just replace them
  6. Done

Just launch your game and you should be good to go. When you open the menu to any of you workers under level requirements it should say “None Required”. All I did was make every recipe in the game requires no level.

I will update this as new classes are being made and older ones are being redesigned.