Only Ogres charge fort if there are gates

When a group of monsters pops into the map, if you have gates built, only Ogres will charge, presumably because they are the only ones that have a path. This means a few things happen:

  1. The ogres charge forward with no support and are easily cut down.

  2. You don’t always realize there are even non-ogre monsters on the map since they’ll be so far away.

  3. If you do realize they’re there, by the time you engage them with your guys, half their clock has run out and they may POOF before the fight ends. (Which is a real problem if you’re trying to get a hat).

See this screenshot, with charging ogres and the kobolds not bothering, all the way near the map edge:

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I’ve also run into some issues with this, though of a slightly different nature. The clock on a lot of my mobs seems to be pretty lengthy, so I’ve gotten absolutely wrecked by a couple camps of ogres, a pack of kobolds, and a couple giants before. I can’t take on 15 guys all at once like that, especially when each kobold needs its own babysitter to really keep them from murdering people.

@linda / @yshan is this a side effect or is this encounter like this on purpose? :worried:

I see this too and it is a problem. Is a huge issue, as i was able to kill the troll from ogo’s army, heal my guys and THEN killed ogo’s army. That makes the whole fight ridiculesly easy, which is a little sad concidering that the campaign could have such a cool showdown :joy:

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Thanks for the report!

We’re aware of this behavior, the side effect of most monsters not having obstacle avoidance/destruction and parties do not yet support formations and helping party members when one is in danger :frowning: . We do plan to address these issues in future alphas.


Could you not male it so they check for any door breaking enemy in the surrounding and “follow” him? I know they cannot use his pathfinding, but maybe use the door breaker as destination?