[A17] Mobs not attacking Gates/Heartlings

Hi, i noticed the monsters arent attacking the gates anymore or attacking heartling and then ignoring them even if they’r close.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Placing Doors and fences
  2. Attacking monsters, luring them to town and entering the town through the doors
  3. Seeing the monsters not attacking the gates or attacking heartling going down the town and returning close of door without attacking still with the fight music on.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17

Is there an ogre among them? As that is the only thing that I know of that attacks doors…

the varnus will also attack doors and gates as well. The doors and gates are still barriers to the other mobs.

Later on I believe different mobs will have different strategies for handling things like this. I have see post were goblins having ladder building abilities was mentioned.

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there is no ogre around, and even a varnus didnt attack like giant stone golem and any mobs at all :confused:

So they are doing something similar to before the combat update. Fence/Wall up and the enemies are for the most part in a temporal zone. As in stop unless LOS of a viable hearthling is noticed. Something like that has happened in the past many times, since there was no door/gate breakers then.

Makes me wonder what went wrong… hmm…