Ogre just gives up

This ogre apparently decided that was waaaaay too many doors to even try breaking down~


I adoore that little fortress you’ve built. Looks like the ogre can’t handle the situation. Perhaps the sight just left him _knock_ed out.


This is locking good!
(Hello corner my old friend)


My approval wouldn’t hinge on such a small slight, even if the comment was somewhat ajar from normal behavior~

Are those tunnel doors? Looks like they just aren’t going to cave in.


Your only problem exists in now the Ogre is going to wait you out and you gotta come out eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry no puns here

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They’re pretty rock solid, yeah~

Don’t be silly, the guards swung by and the ogre was super dead by the time she’d finished her nap. It only got through like, a quarter of one door’s HP. You would need at least ten ogres to have any chance of getting in there before the guards come by, and at that point you’re scaring the poor guards~