Only for devs, a little offer

Hi, I’m Oriigine , and I would play a Stonehearth unfortunately I do not have necessary dive money to buy it . But I made ​​you an offer , I know it 'll probably not easy to accept, but I ask you first player to player . I would like a copy of the free game, and in exchange can do a pub , like videos … Thank you for having the time to read this little note of a player " broke " who would love to play has a great games made ​​by good developers :slight_smile: (ps: I am French, so I apologize for my English more than average ).

hey there @Oriigine, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i’m sorry to say, but i highly doubt the devs can do something like this… but i’m not one of the devs, so i can’t say for certain, i’ll page @brad for you.

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