On The Nature of Goblins and Kobolds


After defeating Mountain I remember an NPC told me about a war between goblins and kobolds and because the goblins were defeated I would have to deal with the kobolds.

Today I got a new goblin campaign in my Alpha 17 save, which is also weird because I had defeated them already, but what got my attention was the moment when a kobold warband spawned right beside the goblin warchief camp and instead of fighting they cooperated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait until both goblins and kobolds spawn close to each other

Expected Results:

Goblins and kobolds fight to the death.

Actual Results:

They don`t attack each other.


I don`t know if this bug is a consequence of a bigger bug (goblin campaign happening again) or not a bug at all (goblins and kobolds are meant to be allies).


Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha 17 unstable branch version 3019 - no mods.

System Information:

I don`t think it is needed for this case.


The Kobolds and the Goblins are actually both part of the same faction, so they don’t fight. The plot is actually that the goblins have to leave earlier, b/c they were called home to the Red Kiln. Depending on how you deal w/ the goblins, they do sometimes come back. :slight_smile:


I misunderstood the plot, thanks for clearing that up @sdee !