Old live stream videos from Twitch

At the moment, I’m only on my iPad so am unable to view old live streams from Twitch. Is there anywhere else other than Twitch that I can view these videos?

Use the app. Twitch on the App Store

I do for live streams but how do I view old videos on the app?

I’ve got no idea, I thought you could but I can’t find the option. It seems like someone uploaded some of them to youtube here YouTube but there doesn’t seem to be much.

I want to upload them to Youtube, but I was advised to wait for Radiant Entertainment to say it’s okay. I’m still waiting for a response though, and I was planning to upload them tomorrow, if they won’t reply before that.

(of course they will be deleted again when they reply with a “no” :stuck_out_tongue: )

With it being the weekend I’m not sure if the team lurk around the forums at this time, I’ve messaged them and am just waiting to hear something back, will let you know when I do (shouldn’t be too long, Monday/ Tuesday probably).

Thank you for the YouTube links, very much appreciated.

@Geoffers747 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not impatient. I know they are probably flooded with messages right now, and it might take a while for them to respond. There seems to be a (small) need for them though, and I have more spare time now than during the week :wink:

Agreed that it’s definitely worthwhile having them on Youtube, it’s just whether Radiant are going to create an official channel to house the videos or not.

Dont they have an official channel already?

Yeah they do, I’m subscribed to it, RadEntVideos

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im not entirely sure of the legality of it all, but i would assume if you post the videos, but not in a manner where you can derive any money from them, its probably ok… right?

I believe posting video’s on YouTube can actually get you money, unless copyright claims are made on them. This would mean that Radiant Entertainment could just claim copyright. I’m not entirely sure on this though…

your correct, youtube wont let you monetize videos with copyrighted material

It depends on the license that the archived live streams fall under on twitch. If the videos retain their original copyright (automatic) and aren’t housed on twitch under some type of creative commons license that would permit you to use them on YouTube then almost always not okay (even though you still see it a lot).

In general, works fall within a particular spectrum ranging from Public Domain (free to use for any reason) to All Rights Reserved (or Copyrighted). The creative commons license has become more popular and it allows content creators the flexibility of choosing an option somewhere in between. (In other words, some rights reserved.)

@SteveAdamo Your example where there is no monetization is true in cases where the creator of the content has made it available under a Non-commercial creative commons license. Which, is becoming more and more common these days. (If anyone is curious about CC they can learn more here: About The Licenses - Creative Commons)

Now this is all a bit unnecessary to discuss because the advice that @Ellogeyen has received to simply ask Radiant for permission would, intellectual property rights aside (I’m no lawyer, just have learned some of this stuff from YouTubing and from studying film in college), mean that Radiant wouldn’t have an issue and therefore no one would be out to try to get them removed or make IP rights claims against his YouTube account.

In short, usually things are copyrighted, don’t assume that it’s okay to use, and everyone’s advice to wait for Radiant to let you know is great advice!

But, I too, would love to be able to access them on YouTube. I have trouble navigating around twitch sometimes, so unless there is a current livestream I’d rather see them on them on Youtube!

Edit: I should add that this is my understanding of the way that copyright in the USA works and that it could be different depending on where you are all located! And again, I’m not expert. But I’ve monetized on YouTube before and had to spend time arguing with YouTube because I made sure all of my stuff was legal to use, fair use or created personally.


thanks for the breakdown @splicepoint:+1:

i wonder, is there a way to determine if the material on Twitch currently falls under a creative commons license?

I snooped around a bit and couldn’t find much, which should mean that anything you upload retains it’s original copyright. ie. Radiant owns all rights to their live stream videos. Except this bit in the legal agreement with twitch, which allows twitch to do basically whatever they want with anyone’s live streams/live stream archives:

In other words, as far as I can tell, Radiant has full copyright in this case – except if twitch wants to use their content for any reason (which they can legally do according to their Terms of Service) but twitch loses those rights to Radiants videos if Radiant deletes them from twitch.

Haha, isn’t copyright law fun?

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yes, indeed! in a “root-canal is fun” sort of way… :smile:

well, thanks again for the legal sleuthing… hopefully the team can shed some more light (and/or permissions) on the subject…


Thanks for the input @splicepoint.

This would definitely be beneficial, we’ve messaged Radiant, will see what their response is, if they can upload them to their official Youtube then I think that’d be the best case scenario as it keeps everything centralised through the official channels.

Either way I’m hoping they’ll end up on Youtube soon :smile:


After almost two weeks now, I’ve go the feeling that Radiant has better things to do at the moment than worrying about Live Streams. I think it can’t hurt to upload them on Youtube for the community. If Radiant responds in the future, and says they want to upload them themselves, I will of course remove them from my channel.

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