Offerings too good to refuse?

Being the peace loving children of Raya that I am when requested by a neigboring Goblin community for some beds I was all too happy to oblige, however when my craftsmen skills are so good that I can only churn out “Fine” Items (ok not exclusivly but that is not the point here) the gobo’s refuse! I would expect each one to count for 2 beds! but these gobo’s cannot see quality I guess, but they should at least accept fine ones in place of regular ones.

I didn’t wanna have to kill you neighbor!

even when your crafters make a fine item, you should be getting both the fine and normal versions… at least it was changed to do that awhile back, maybe its changed again…

I still get both in A16.

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True, but it was not enough to appease the goblins and doesn’t stop the fact that they should accept fine goods of the same nature.