OFF TOPIC! PS3 Final Fantasy XIV ARR beta invite giveaway

since this is a great community i have 1 ps3 FFXIV beta invite available anyone with 50+ posts will receive 1st to reply.

what? I don’t understand
did I win something?

im giving away a ps3 FFXIV beta invte.

whats that? I dont have a ps3

its for anyone with a ps3. the game is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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Why are you doing this?
Is there any point in register at a forum and then giving away things?
I never tried this. Is your daily fun?

huh im being nice. not sure why your being rude. as stated above this is a great community so i thought i would give it away.

still trying to give it away!

dont have ps3 either :D. But nice gesture.

it is an awfully nice gesture… i too am without a PS3 unfortunately… :cry:

and i might be mistaken, but i believe we’re dealing with a slight language barrier here… i dont think @iamdabenk meant any harm…

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I did not mean any harm, but I think this is advertisement rather then nice gesture.

P.S. I too do not have a PS3

the thing is with me i have a ps3 just dont play it xD


Note to self: Stonehearth community is short on PS3 players. I don’t have a PS3 either :’( nice gesture though.

Haha yer … I was thinking of picking one up the other day, decided to just preorder the next gen instead. But yer, we seem to have a shortage!

Well… I have a PS3. But I don’t know anything about the game… I’ll happily take the extra key though if no one else wants it :smiley:

@spu sorry just gave it away if i happen to get another one ill PM you

@WaTaTaTa No problem. Hope it went to someone who’ll enjoy it. :smile: