Objects in center of shepherd zone affect feed placement

If there is an object, in this case a tree, in the center of the designated field. The feed for the animals will be placed under such object. If the feed is not in the center, then I have had much luck in having the feed placed under a tree near center of field.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Object in center of field
  2. place animal field
    3)wait for feed to be placed

Expected Results:

Feed to be placed at random in field or in select feed trough placed by user.

Actual Results:

Chickens and or sheep eating a tree.



Version Number and Mods in use:

2807 x64

System Information:

windows 7


Reproduced this in #a15r549::tag @yshan. If a picket fence (or any other object) is placed at the exact center of the zone (I used an 11x11 for my test), no feed will be placed.

bump bump just encountered this with my new sheeppen. The obstacle is the tree if the picture is not clear :merry:

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