NPC Villages for non Multiplayer?

Not sure if this has been talked upon, however, it is stated that there will be Multiplayer, such as co-op and pvp, but how about when not on multiplayer? will there be npc villages similar to your own? I did read that the Rabbit Clan is a feature in development, but im referring to rival villages that are purely computer controlled. Just something i thought to bring up


I remember the dev team brain storming on how to set up the AI villages (of all races). They discussed either having the AI follow a specific build path like the players (limited by resources etc) which would provide the nicest single player feel (cus sieging the enemy village actually hurts them) but it increases the program’s demand on the PC. The other possibility is “templates” meaning the AI just builds a template village, regardless of resource limitations, which would result eventually in a repitition of village patterns you meet and sieging would be pointless, but it’s alot less taxing on the PC.

Once they decide which one to go for, it’s just the same but with different races and “skins” for their buildings and furniture etc… So i don’t see why rival “human” hearthlings wouldn’t set up camp in the world. Especially since whenever they introduce AI villages, the “human” race would be the most developed in terms of ingame content.

I like this ^^

It makes sense, I mean imagine doubling the pathfinding system. You would have your villagers AI being calculated, and the rival villages too. It might make sense to slowly upgrade the village, like have a behind the scense leveling system, so the rival village will somewhat match the strength and resources of your village. But instead of a bunchof workers working away on this village, they are disabled but the buildings are plopped down when your villagers aren’t near. Then when you go visit the rival village, the game activates the rival villagers, so you can see them walking around and eating.


I agree, ofcourse the actual gameplay would be boosted if the other option is chosen, but this isn’t a real time strategy game. It’s a village building, fantasy RPG game… Plus you’ll have your hands full with so much other things, ranging from village management, class management, exploration, random events and so much more, that you’ll probably not be bothered so much by any repetitive village patterns, especially since there are so many suggested races, a few of which are confirmed (goblins, dwarves, rabbitlings, pirates, ninjas and politicians :smile: ) and villages are not the only structures you’ll encounter.


Ya, and of course there could be a different template for each race. Dwarves in the mountains, Rabits in burrows, Pirates maybe in a harbour? And politicians in the Parliment building (Or a bunch of white houses, whatever your style is)

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Not only that, but a simple procedural algorithm could be written to designate the layout of NPC villages with premade buildings. Similar to minecraft, yet with the ability to expand, thus making every village unique.

Another really cool thing would be prcedural buildings but that takes a lot of work and time to get right. I’m probably thinking way overambitiously. :stuck_out_tongue:


You could go one better than that: an algorithm to designate the layout with building plots. Eg:

  1. Surround settlement with a wall.
  2. Place 20 small plots, 6 medium plots, and 1 big plot within the wall.
  3. Place [2] pastures, [6] farms and [12] small houses in the small plots.
  4. In the medium plots place a tavern, blacksmith, school, church, town hall and barracks.
  5. In the big plot place either a wizard tower or castle keep.

Add a handful of different designs for each structure, and more options for each slot size, and you could have a lot of nice variety in each settlement.

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