Notifications On Objects Being Moved

Hey, I’m not sure if this has been done before (I’m writing this on a whim) but I was just thinking how useful it would be if I could tell which items are being placed in the world from the stockpile. Right now, my villagers place furniture and decorations wherever they want, and it’s easy to lose track of what I’ve just queued to move. Sometimes, I’ll accidentally order the placement of the same object in a different area without realizing it.

Would it be possible to add a thing in where I can keep track of movement orders? Maybe add in a little notification saying ‘(Villager’s Name) is moving this object’ whenever I highlight it? Or maybe add a tab where I can select pieces of furniture to move, similar to the furniture tab when creating a new building, without having to individually click on it?

Thanks for your time.

Well I don’t know if this counts in your list, but I think they are adding a task manager which will probably say the name of the item being moved because you will be able to prioritize task of your villagers. Hope this helps, if not just say.


Isn’t that the option with the chair in the build menu? Have you tried it?

If you use this window to place furniture, you won’t have to worry about placing the same item twice.

If you order some item (that is already placed down) to be moved, then an icon with an arrow will be shown on top of it, so you know that the item is going to be carried and placed elsewhere.