Move Icons For Stockpiled Items

If you move a bed in the world to somewhere else, it gets a flag with a chair and green arrow - the same icon from the move button - directly above it. So you already know that that specific bed is going to be moved to somewhere where you have a bed ghost. If you want to move another bed to another place, it’s as easy as selecting a bed without a move icon floating above it.

If you move a log pile directly from a stock pile, it gets no such flag while it’s sitting there. You know some log pile is going to be moved to the ghost log pile, but you might not remember which one. If you want to move another log pile to another place, you might accidentally select that one, so you have to place the ghost back down and then select one not getting moved. Hope you remembered this time!

I’m aware that placing from the menu in the build tab gets around this issue, but since all regular items get the move flag, why can’t the iconic versions in stockpiles do so as well?


Would be such a nice quality of life enhancement to the game… Along with screen scrolling of the camera.

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A feature easily implemented. We can already see hearthlings’ paths, so we can in a way understand what items will be moved from stockpile. The only thing left to do is visually mark them.

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huh? If it is in stockpile that is not moving, that is placing… Although should have a place icon above it maybe…

Move is for anything that has already been placed in the world. Don’t know why people use the building editor to place items, when there is another menu thing for that. “P”.

But yes some form of info icon to say you wanted that specific item placed somewhere. However that might clutter up viewable space in stockpile, as nice that would be to have.

I just use the placement menu, as it will place items for as long as you have them. Once goes down to zero you can not place anymore. That way I know I have to wait for more to be made; if it is qued that is.

So I’d be 50-50 on that, as it has advantages and drawbacks for doing something like that.

That’s the menu I was referencing, but there’s a button to get to in in the building tab - not the building editor itself, but the building tab, just like the zones tab and workshop tab.

Still, there are times when I want to move something straight out of a stockpile, because it has that option and I’ve played since back when that was the only option, so I’m used to it. While placing an iconic item in a stockpile or just on the ground as an item in the world is technically different than moving an item already placed in the world to another place, and has a slightly different icon, it feels very much the same as a player.

It does clutter visible space a bit, but stockpiles clutter space to begin with. And if flags on stockpile items happen, I wouldn’t mind one for rotten items, as I’ve currently had to fly close by my stockpiles to hear which one is buzzing because I have trouble telling them apart, zoomed out, at first glance.

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Stockpile is storage. Like the item containers that can be made, but more spread out. Sure the item within storage are cluttered in the stockpile, but it is easier to notice items within it than having floating icons all over among them. which would make selecting specific items within stockpile become confusing and cluttered. What you are saying is you want more clutter to the stockpile with the icon thing; assuming I am thinking what you are talking about.

Stockpile is just temporary storage anyhow. I use it all the time to collect things. I only minus things from it when I have enough storage containers to account for the numbers the items can store. It being part of the management aspect, the less clutter to recognize what I have left at a glance seems most feasible.

However since the only way something can be moved is if placed first, things in storage don’t need it since it has not been placed. Only placed items really need such an icon for moving, since they are fixed. Storage items are not fixed to the spot in storage they are put. That is the reason when changing filters, one can move items from one area for storage to another storage area.

That would create confusion on what is placed and what is stored. At least the way I see it. Although an interesting idea it merely just has a count in storage and not a specific item; although can be selected individually to be placed from that storage area. So only the placement icon would make sense to be hovering over the item, and not the move icon. If it was to be an icon.

It might be just the way I play that I don’t see the need for such a thing. That is me though.

Also that I actually don’t have trouble telling things apart when they are in that type of storage; just laying on the ground. Can’t really expect others to have such good perception, not that mine is any better, just the way I trained my eyes over the years. Not the best, but always had an affinity for discerning and distinguishing variations at a glance. Gotten a little worse over the years, but manage to keep to certain extent.

What I am mainly getting at is what purpose beyond creating more clutter does it serve; which it is cluttered enough, and that might make a bit more trickier to separate, if such is used that way.

That would be reason I am only 50-50 on it. I can see the use for it, but I can also see the bit of disadvantage it would put in. It is more of weight odds to what would convey easier. At end it really isn’t up to me whether it would fit nicely though, I just play the game the way I do. :slight_smile: