Not sure if its a bug

While designing and letting them build a structure, one dude died. No big deal have plenty of them. Just that his gravestone seems to bugg out the scaffolting

can you move it if not its a bug
Also rip dude :skull_crossbones:

could only move it with teleport true debug tools. They could not reach it to remove it on there own

Based of the fact you had to use debug tools so it’s bug but one i don’t see them fixing any time soon because they have more pressing bugs to fix and more game to make

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and it’s probably not a very repeatable bug at that. You have to kill a dude on a scaffolting in order to reproduce it :slight_smile:

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Difficult but not impossible

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You can use debug tools to kill him in order to reproduce, I guess :sweat_smile:


you meany :slight_smile: