Not able to promote ( solved)

I have 2 Hearthlings that I want to promote to archers and for some reason I can not promote any of the 4 level 6 fighters or even my knights to an archer even thought I have 6 bows to be able to do so

is there any way to try to force them to change or some way of fixing this?

I promoted my one archer to a footmen and it allowed me to change another footmen into an archer but why can I not have more then one archer?

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Hi Fralee :slight_smile:

You should upload the savegame, so the developers have an easier time to help you figure this out?

Oh and have you checked that you didnt craft recurvebows by a mistake or misclick?

I hope you find a solution.

there is a promote command in the console control+c

Just as @Fornjotr suggest, I too believe it might be the case that you have crafted “Recurve Bows” instead of the regular one.

When “demoting” an Archer, it will drop the regular bow (used to promote Hearthlings into Archers) - this is most likely why you are able to promote someone else to an archer after one demotion.
So, take an extra look to see if you have a few spare regular bows or not :slight_smile:

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yup turns out im a bit of a moron
I somehow kept crafting the upgraded bows

I guess that is what happens when you are up at 3:30 in the morning :sweat: