Northern Shadow

Whilst still very early in development the video certainly looks interesting! Definitely one to keep an eye on:


seems interesting :slight_smile:

so, the intro lead me to believe there was some town building aspect to the game… and it looked great! and then we transitioned into a first-person perspective, and i thought… “wow, if Skyrim and Banished had a baby, this would be it!”…

but i suppose its just full on fantasy FPS, ala Skyrim… yes? certainly looks pretty! :smiley:

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I believe your first insight was right, it seems to be a hybrid of settlement building with RPG aspects - so Skyrim + Banished indeed :slight_smile:

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Thanks Geoffers!!! this looks soooo cool ( i LOVE LOVE LOVE any thing fantasy/ medieval) :smile:

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Concept sounds interesting. I just hope the building is not facebookgame level, but like real banished level. So interesting choices to make in what building to build next and where. Not pre defined spots and predefined order of placing.

Anyone else want a mod to make Stonehearth like this? Where once you’re happy with your settlement you take control of a villager and fufil his role in your town? If I knew more code, I would definitely make that mod, but I’m still learning so I have no idea how to do it.

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This looks amazing. Any word on a kickstarter?
That rockpapershotgun site says it may hit alpha as early as this summer.