Normal game, goblin spawn

Bug : Normal game, goblin spawn

While playing normal game mode i am constantly having large issues with the amounts of goblins that spawns as you play.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. chose normal mode
  2. let it carry on for a while

Expected Results:
Im expecting that your supposed to have a equal chance to defend yourself agains the attackers. but as it is, thats not possible.

Actual Results:
After playing a while the amount of goblins that spawns around your town to attack you or that steals your stuff increases to an amount above the amount of workers you have, ending up with your entire population beeing wiped out if you have been agressive or they will come and steal your stuff every 5 sec…

It definatly effects gameplay in normal mode and has happend every time ive tried to play it. Ither increase the amount of travelers that comes to your town or revamp so you can get villagers another way/ alternative let us build walls and gates that the goblins can not get thrue. (tried building a wall with normal doors, but they walk thrue those) tried building a fence and gate, but they stole those)

Versions and Mods:
latest ALFA 5 build from steam. (fresh install, new acess from kickstarter group)

System Information:
Windows 7 professional 64 | Intel Core i5-3570K | 8GB system memory | Asus R9 280

hi @Makimera … welcome aboard! :smile:

I don’t believe this should be considered a bug, as its really more of a balance issue at this point…

may be right, i thougt it could be a spawn rate bug.
But true, balancing sounds more accurate :slight_smile:

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