No Man's Sky - Space Exploration Sandbox

I haven’t noticed any other topics bringing up this game so in case there were some who would be potentially interested in this game but didn’t know about it, here it is. I wasn’t aware of this game until recently and I quite enjoy my space games.

There’s not much for me to say that isn’t covered in both videos. As someone who doesn’t own a console I can’t say I’m pleased about the PS4 exclusivity but I suppose it’s something I should be used to by now. But I don’t have to like it either…

I also don’t think comparing No Man’s Sky to Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous is of much use, considering how No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO and does not even have but the most basic of multiplayer implementation planned. That’s the only thing about this game, besides console exclusivity, that annoys me. A massive beautiful procedurally generated exploration game like this and you essentially experience it all by yourself? :’( Why?! I know networking is not so trivial as a lot of people seem to think but they’re taking a half measure when they could at least more seriously consider co-op implementation. I’m not asking for another MMO, not even close. But to be able to play on the same seed with 3-5 other people? Yes please!

What’s everyone else think about this game and the lack of co-op?


I quite like the lack of co-op… it stays true to the game and it’s massive universe. You wouldn’t easily come across a buddy if it were like this in real life, huh?

Also, I’m not sure if you missed the point or are just trying to emphasise a point, but the console exclusivity is only temporary, and the game will be released after a short while.

Those things aside, this game genuinely seems like my dream game. I’m getting all emotional.


If you go back and watch all the devlogs the game itself is amazing Tech. Just about every aspect of it is done through procedural gen, plants, animals, worlds and beyond (at least that was what they were shooting for). I haven’t played it yet but have been following it pretty close. Just wait a bit it will come out sometime for PC.

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I could understand liking the lack of multiplayer (since one often has little control over it and how it can effect other parts of the game) but I don’t understand liking a lack of co-op (since it’s completely optional whether or not the player wants to engage with that). Even optional multiplayer I’m ok with. It’s when you don’t have a choice and it has to be online only that it bothers me, like SimCity or any other online only required game that could have easily been single player or had optional online components.

There are some games I prefer to remain single player too, in fact I lean towards single player or co-op not full on MP games. I suppose that’s largely because of all the trolls and insincere people who have repeatedly ruined multiplayer experiences for me.

But I like to have choices and so long as I’m not forced to do anything I’m perfectly ok if someone else wants to take a different route. I still don’t get not making cooperative gameplay optional in a massive universe full of exploration and construction like that. Minecraft for example, who ever played Minecraft for very long in singleplayer? You have no one to share the experience with, so it seems kind of pointless.

Yeah I knew it was only temporary. I guess I should have specified. I’m still irked about all the exclusivity everywhere largely because I’ve been suffering repeated withdrawals from expectations and let downs regarding GTA V’s PC release date. With GTA IV it was no more than 9 months PC users had to wait. This time it’s not only been significantly longer but we’ve been jerked around with a January release date, then March, and now April 14th.

Rockstar claims it’s to continue to polish the PC version of the game but I have my doubts. At this point it seems like they’re milking their exclusivity with Microsoft and Sony to death. As long as they keep getting paid fat :moneybag: all the PC fans can wait for eternity. We’re cracking jokes about skipping GTA V and waiting for GTA VI now.

It’s a big slap in the face, repeatedly at that, to the PC crowd. I don’t have a console, I don’t have enough money to maintain a nice desktop computer and a current gen console and honestly I refuse to even if I had the money because I’m not a console fan. I owned an Xbox at one point, didn’t really suit me.

Anyway, enough on that rant… :unamused: I’m growing old in the face if ya can’t tell. :older_man:

Agreed! The tech behind it does indeed fascinate me. One of my other more anticipated space games with the same procedural ideology is Limit Theory. My only concern being we haven’t heard from the only dev working on it since what…February? Unusual for him.


Ill have ta check that out thanks! :slight_smile:

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