No job change for farmer

Summary: Tried changing the job of a villager so i would have 2 farmers. the animation for job-change plays but the change doesn’t happen and i have only one farmer.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. tried click it again - same result

Expected Results: i expected the job status to change to farmer.

Actual Results: no change in status


Attachments: picture of job-interface - nothing noticeable.

Version Number and Mods in use: vanilla 707

System Information: windows 10 x


The changes are not immediate. The hearthling has to pick up the tool that is necessary to promote. If that tool is still in the inventory of another hearthling, especially on start, you have to wait until the tool was dropped onto the floor or into a storage. That is why you start with one storage first and let the hearthlings put everything inside before doing anything else.

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That explains it! Thank you for the speedy response! :tulip: