[NLA] Can't promote villager to carpenter

attempted to promote villager to carpenter and nothing would happen.
this has only happened once, I am unable to reproduce.
the 1st portion of this video will show you.
at the end of the video it will give a demonstration of the fire bug that shortens daylight as a result of the carpenter using the the log in the fire to make something. this shortens the day and puts all the villagers into hungry mode and recreates other bugs that have already been mentioned as a result.
Alpha 1 r14

Okay, thanks, for the report, however over here is where the official bug report forum so it would be nice if you could repost it over there, thanks

My mistake when I selected the bug report category I assumed it would drop me in the correct spot.

Also that is an individual post you linked and is Locked. Can a Mod move this to appropriate spot?

Oh wait… that was the wrong link sorry, silly me

Okay, the link has been updated

thanks for the report! when I get back online, I’ll toss a copy if this over in curse… if I forget, just PM me… :wink: