New way to store food and stuff like that

Hi there,

maybe there is a better way to store food and weapons in the inventory.

Maybe the Stockpile could be enhanced. For example:
A carpenter could craft crates to store many more food in crates instead of lay down one pumpkin on one field.

Another idea is to create shelves for some other stuff to store them in the shelves (crafted by the carpenter). Maybe a weapon rack which is 2*4 fields but can store 20 pikes or something like that. This would also look great in a castle. :smile:

Maybe the heartlings could also use multistore stockpiles. Which means if they need to store 100 wood, they won’t need to use 1010 fields to store the wood. They just create 55*4 cubes to store it as a cube inside the stockpile. Which will greatly reduce wasted space and it would be more intelligent instead of polluting the whole map with huge stockpiles. :wink:

These are just my thoughts, maybe you have some own or better ideas for this.

Best regards,

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