New Outfits Including Hat


First of all, I’d like to congratulate everyone involved with the new profession outfits! They’re great :3

Moving on, however…
There is one little thing that bothered me a bit about them: the new outfits that include hats (like the Cook or the Trapper) have the hat as a part of the main outfit instead of having it separate like the archer or engineer used to have.
I noticed that when I created a racoon hat for the trapper…

As you can see, the hat is not replaced because it is actually part of the “body” slot. However if I make my hat a “body slot” item, it gets my trapper naked unless I include the whole outfit with my hat. I wanted to know if there was any workaround or different option to the "Merge_with_model" (I only know that one and the bone attachment one) rendering that would allow me to replace only the hat instead of having to include the whole trapper’s outfit :smiley:


afaik there are only those two options in the lua that proccess the equipment settings :thinking:
(saw it maybe a month ago so it might have changed)

@malley may be able to answer this.

good question - havent yet looked into this - but i need to make some changes on lomc for the new uniforms and that could be needed ^^

and @DaniAngione do you mean something like that? test kitty has already done this and its included in lomc (locksofmanyclothings)

Well, at any rate I fixed it by making it a “torso” item and including the rest of the trapper’s clothes :smiley:

Not optimal but it works :3

As long as you’re hat bone is named “hat”, you should be able to set transparent to false like the engineer outfit:

     "default": {
        "layer": "clothing",
        "transparent": "false",
        "models": [

If that doesn’t work let me know : ).

Or you can do the fix you found ; ).


Oh! I’ll try that right away and edit this :slight_smile:

@malley - nope. Hat is named “hat” in Qubicle; added the "transparent": "false" to the hat .json and it ended up rendering both hats again. Not sure if an issue, but I’ll be going with the torso solution for now then :slight_smile: I guess the only issue is that if the clothes are changed, I’ll have to manually update them :smiley:

Thank you nonetheless :blush:

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hmmm… i might convert these new hats to be separate equipment pieces… but if your solution is solved for now then i prolly wont bother for the moment.


hey @malley, one question,
i was modding the archer outfit and was about to use no hat with it.
but when i tested the hat assigned was the vanilla one
is there a way to set the equipment slot to none without replacing the entire json?

just fixed it with a hat that fits the outfit but the question keept around

I think you should be able to create a hat that is just an empty file? So the character would still be wearing a hat, it would just be invisible.

i was thinking more of a none/false style hehehe
but that should work too
thanks! :grin: