New Mario Game - Voxels?

Do you think the new Mario game was made with voxels? Obviously they removed the square shapes.

For example the new Everquest game EverQuest Next is made with voxels and they removed the square shaping to the environments and objects.

What do you guys think?

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I’ve moved you over here @Skull24, it seemed like it should be housed in a separate topic.

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Thanks for the move @Geoffers747.

I just googled the term voxel because I’ve been too lazy to prior to this:

noun: voxel; plural noun: voxels
(in computer-based modeling or graphic simulation) each of an array of elements of volume that constitute a notional three-dimensional space, esp. each of an array of discrete elements into which a representation of a three-dimensional object is divided.

I don’t think the Mario game has anything to do with voxels. The EQN one claims to have the terrain set up as voxels, which I suppose we can take for at their word. The term itself is pretty loosely used to describe any modifiable 3D array/matrix.