New Deconstruction

When i read about “Deconstruction” i expected the hearthlings to almost build in reverse - Put up scaffolding, take away the roof, remove the walls, remove the scaffolding, but instead (for those who do not yet know what happens), the walls and roof just collapse and leave a pile of wood or stone or whatever the building was made of. I think it looks awesome and sounds cool but it would be more realistic if my idea was interpreted.

As far as I know, this is how it used to be a while ago, but was removed because it was just as buggy as building at the time, and then recently they found it to be too slow.

I think it’d be great to have the insta-destruct available on peaceful all the time, and then on normal and hard difficulty, make it require a higher-tier profession, or maybe make it a special ability unlocked at a high level with the carpenter.