New Color / Texture Pallet

Been playing for a while, and there’s one thing that’s kinda been bothering me, as well as I’m surprised there hasn’t been a mod to change it.

But to me, the game feels like a bunch of simple colors, and I feel there should be more definition to it, or new textures to go with it all together.

My best example of this is this picture, where my Hearthling is mining the edge, and you can’t even tell because the colors all blend together.


im sure that definition will be added later, but currently thats not what TR is focused on.

but hey, could be wrong, i dunno how TR thinks/works :grimacing:

I would agree if I saw any mention of it. Between their Trillo and their Roadmap, I don’t see any mention of it. of it.

well they dont put every single thing on those… so thats where my logic came from, but like i said, i dont know how TR thinks/works…

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I think some voxel grass would be cool rather than green means grass.

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