New builder wont build, asked me to send the blueprint

thought i could circumvent the no-remoddeling policy of the builder by making slot-in compartments in my building, slot will build, building will build, but building will not build around the slot or vica-versa, they turn bright red. (even though logically speaking, the slot should be easy to build in there. see the blueprints.
slot in (47.8 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. put down building, build it.
  2. put slot inside building as a seperate, new building., try to build it.
  3. it turns bright red.

Expected Results:
slot to build as a seperate building, so you can blow it up later and put something else there. for instance a fireplace or a hallway or whatever.
Actual Results:
red blocks

mods were used, but probably not of note, because they dont modify the builder.

see above.

Version Number and Mods in use:
latest multiplayer.

System Information:
win 7 64 bit


nice design :grinning:
i could only make it work with 2 pieces(side view) :disappointed::

2nd floor

1st floor