[New Builder] Mushroom House won't build

So once you have the freedom to build almost anything for adorable little people who stand approximately 3 somethings tall, what’s the next step? Smurfs!

I tried my hand at a simple Smurf house and the builder said nope! Here’s the template
SmurfHouse.zip (22.1 KB)


Such a cool idea @Averest :slight_smile: i might steal some inspiration from that :heartpulse: :jubilant:


I tried with the original builder years ago but the roofs just weren’t satisfactory because you couldn’t see through them. Now that that’s been solved I think you can make some really cool and fun little mushroom houses. Heck a whole mod with sized up trees and little blue people would be cute. So, who’s gonna rig up the Gargamel and Azrael titans for me?

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I bet @Kittyodoom has some kind of relationship towards Azrael? :smiley: