New Builder 'ib' Causes Bugs

Making a structure with the new builder and using ‘ib’ in the console command to finish it cause bugs such as leaving scaffolding and storage broken.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new building using the new editor
  2. Hold ctrl+c to open the console command and type ‘ib’
  3. View the results

Expected Results:
It should finish the building and remove the scaffolding.

Actual Results:
Scaffolding is left and you are unable to remove it with commands. Furthermore, storage devices don’t allow you to edit the filters nor view contents. There are probably other bugs but I have not found them.

Version Number and Mods in use:
The latest unstable build, not sure of its number.


The scaffold was not always removed with ib in the old building system for me always, and destroy scaffolding never worked for me. I was however able to use the destroy command on them one by one. Does destroy not work on the new builder?

It also does not place windows and doors.

I have not had that problem yet.

no, you cannot select the scaffolding

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My hearthlings gets stuck in there sleeping animations if inuse the ib command. when i remove the bed and replace it, it seems like that spot is curst and they never fall asleep. O had to remove an intire town to 1 ib building.