[new_builder] Cannot build pyramidal roofs



I’m unable to build roofs with slopes on each side (Pyramid roofs rather than wedge roofs). It keeps asking me to send in my blueprint, but it won’t let me upload .json so imma just pastebin it. [JSON] Stonehearth - Pyramid Roof Error - Pastebin.com If I’m supposed to do something else, then the “how can I best give feedback” section wasn’t clear enough for me…

Also, as an aside, my other main gripe is that moving furniture after it’s been placed is finicky and unresponsive, almost like it’s not able to move in certain directions or something…

EDIT: For clarification, the top half of the roof turns red and the “your hearthlings can’t figure out how to build this, please upload your template” message pops up and the hearthlings won’t even start building it.


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