"Net Worth" of clay buildings doesnt seem to = a wood building of the same size


While following along with the most recent devblog I decided to build a clay house early on to secure my first daily citizen reward requirement (something I regularly do with a wood house when playing with the woodland group, which has never failed me once.) However, once the notification appeared I was surprised to see I only had 350 networth out of 500~. Since Luke noticed that the clay makers animation cycle was in fact longer than the wood craftsman Im thinking that there might be a similar deficient value somewhere that is resulting in a lower value home.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Rayas Children
  2. Desert world
  3. Normal Difficulty
  4. Build default blueprint clay house.

Expected Results:
Enough value to exceed the networth requirement for citizen reward.
Actual Results:
350 networth, 100+ lower than the requirement.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Im playing on unstable.
System Information:

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