Neighboring Communities

Before I begin, Congratz on Alpha 13 :smiley: I’m glad the 15$ I gave has proven me once again that it’s been used well.

Here’s my suggestion: Once you reach in-between the numbers of 15-20 citizens, you receive the notification that “A spokesman/woman has moseyed on into town.” After opening the tab you will read, “Greetings (name of your settlement)! We are the humble town of (name of their town) that has been wandering about for good land to call home! If you do not mind becoming neighbors of ours, may we settle close?”

You will be given the choices of, “Yes please! Hunker down!” or "No, we do not favor your presence."
Upon choosing the more positive alternative, a town of 4-6 people will appear within a radius of 50-100 cubes.
Both towns would grow old and merry while gaining strong alliances and building strong, peaceful, meanings between each other.(While altogether beginning a trading system of some sort)

If you decide, “No, we do not favor your presence.” the settlement will have a 50/50 chance of leaving or staying. The chance of them leaving will increase only if you have an intimidating militia of the kind. If they stay, however, their town would act that of similar to a goblin camp while still having a “towny” presence to it.

Going back to the positive alternative you could ,at anytime, attack & raid the small hamlet for their inexpensive and petty riches (that of what is expected for a hamlet that young)

I really do believe it would give the game a more “lively” feeling having a sister town near to always be together. for better or for worse


As far as we know, this is kind of what multiplayer would be like, except you don’t get the option to talk to the other player before they settle. So, in a public world (if that’s a thing), you would have no control over who your neighbors are. In a private world (if that’s a thing, too) with friends, you of course could tell them to go somewhere else.

But multiplayer is planned, so that is sort of this.

it would probably be for worse see that right now getting to 30 settlers will lag a normal computer (witch is why devs recomand 20 or less settlers) and the whole reason for ai is to improve feel of a game. the deeper you go with ai will dependhow much time is driven to just ai. maybe in a latter update

I would love to have other towns/villages show up… but as it stands right now the game can barely handle one small settlement… let alone cities/ large towns. It would be interesting though.