[NaB] Problem with launch!


okay so i downloaded stone hearth but when i try to launch it this window pops up (The procedure entry point RegGetValueA could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll)…Help would be greatly appreciated


also i tried to launch it via steam and it popped upon my task bar but disappeared and i tried again and again and then something popped up and said that it’s already running…?


You don’t have to make a new topic for this. The other topic was just fine! :wink:
Report it to Radiant and you will probably get helped (if the other things in the other topic didn’t help for you).


how would i report it to radiant


Follow the instructions the other guy (forgot the name for now) gave you in the other topic. :wink:


Here’s a link back to your other post…

I’m not sure why a new topic was needed.

Also, as mentioned in your other post, this seems to be an XP issue. Stonehearth is not currently supported on Windows XP.


nor am I… :wink:

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