[NaB] Notifications replay every continued or loaded game

Bug: Notifications replay every continued or loaded game

Each and every time a game is continuted or a saved game is loaded all notifications (xxx has acheived level xxx, xxx has died, xxx has joined) that have been displayed during the entire game are redisplayed along with the corresponding sound being played. Notifications list then becomes full and can’t be scrolled while new notification text appears behind list.

Steps to reproduce:
Load a saved game or continue a game already in progress.

Expected Results:
Not having to sit through 40+ pop up notifications every time I (re)start a game.

Screen shot of unscrollable notifications list with new notifications showing at bottom of screen.

Versions and Mods:
(r166) no mods installed.

System Information:
Windows 8
32 GIG DDR3 800mhz
Intel Core i7 3820

Graphics: Radeon HD 7970

I can confirm this behavior.

If you click on the notification menu, and click on every notification (which means it will zoom in on the relevant character and open a window) you can delete notifications one by one. Then those notifications won’t show up next time.
I think it’s a feature that’s working properly, not a bug, but a “Delete all notifications” button would be nice.


Thank you @coasterspaul! I understand what’s happened now and you’re correct, that was my problem.

I really dislike that the camera changes focus when clicking these announcements. I guess that’s why I didn’t click them in the first place. I’m very happy that my citizens are leveling up but do I really have to see their character sheet each time?

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No, you can click OK. There’s another button there, right? And perhaps a little x on the corner.

I’m glad we clarified this :smile:

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There is indeed an x and an OK button but that appears after the camera has changed focus. It’s irritating but I’ll live with it. :smile: Thanks for an awesome game!!