Any way to turn OFF bullitins every time you start a game?

Not sure if this has been brought up, but getting 200 bulletin announcements every single time you start the game is a bit much. You pretty much must just sit through them all each time since every one that pops up usually cancels out anything you were trying to do. Is there a way (in the code perhaps) to turn these off for just the start of the game?

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What bulletins are those?

Do you mean the tutorial, mouse button control and cutting down the trees?

If so open user_settings.json in the StoneHearth folder and pop this is

 	"tutorial" : {
	"hideStartingTutorial" : true

Just before the very last }

and make sure this

  	"alpha_welcome" : {
	"hide" : true

is paste right above

 	"renderer" : {

or perhaps he’s referring to the replayed announcements we see when loading a save game? as in, re-announcing class promotions…


jup i think also he mean this ^^

Steve wins a dollar! yeah, they’re called bulletins when you hover over the explanation mark in the icon bar.

I have found that they keep playing when you pause, so I’ve been pausing the game on launch and coming back to it in 5 minutes when they’ve all stopped re-playing.

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You can avoid this if you acknowledge each bulletin as it comes up, but that’s a hassle - I don’t want to have to click on every announcement to tell me that so-and-so has gained a level. All we really need is an “acknowledge all announcements” button, or to have the game automatically acknowledge all announcements (other than daily reports) after 1 minute.


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