Morale intro pop-up?

Hi there,

Anyone knows how do I get the morale intro pops up again?

Or can I make it pop up using the debug tool?

In a normal game, what’s the trigger to make the image pop up?


It is this line:
“hide_happiness_intro” : true,
at the user_setting.json file, at the game folder.

It is a campaign that triggers it.


Thank you the the quick reply, @BrunoSupremo . :slight_smile:

I set “hide_happiness_intro” to false, and start a new game.
But the morale intro does’t appear even after I finish 2 buildings. :sob:

It only appears after a daily report.
Are you using the test version for a21? There is an explicit check in the game for the a20, so any other version will not work! @moderators Is this intended? Only show at alpha 20? (The check is at the encounter)


Ah, yes, I’m at the version A21.
Thank you for helping me. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it was intentionally removed in A21. I know it was supposed to be informational in A20 to try and clear up any confusion…

Perhaps @relyss can clarify?


I think it was only intended for A20 (the implementation only includes A20 anyway). Not sure how it got removed from the outer edges of the encounter, can’t find the exact commit.

But if you think that it might still be useful, we can turn this thread into a suggestion.

We know that the current tutorial is still lacking and has glitches, so it will probably change in the future.
This happiness intro was mostly to inform the players that we changed how the morale system works, and is supposed to be shown only once, that’s why there’s the option in user_settings.


@relyss is correct. We originally meant it as a screen to introduce existing players to the happiness system. We intended a broader tutorial to be built to introduce players to the game overall.


It is at the happiness_intro.json from the game_events campaign:

     "alpha_check": {
        "item": "alpha_version",
        "type": "deny_if_not",
        "alpha": 20,
        "value": true

But changing it there has no effects, as it is hard coded at node.lua:

   elseif item == 'alpha_version' then
      local alpha = _radiant.sim.get_product_minor_version()
      -- alpha 2 is the default minor version assigned in the dev environment
      lhs = alpha == 2 or alpha == 20

I see, so it was also hardcoded in the lua. I meant that the generate_daily_report is missing the happiness_intro out edge, too:

"generator_info": {
       "delay": "24h",
       "spawn_edge": {
          "type": "trigger_many",
          "out_edges": [

:arrow_up: (That’s from A20)

Wait, that is how it looks in a21 too

O_0 oh well. In any case the requirement is A20 (hardcoded).

Would you like the intro on A21 too, @dalabo?

me yes…; i never see this. never played the previous alpha…
or is exost a windows help somewhere to explain this ? (in game ? )

It’s just a provisional intro for the happiness system. It’s only the image on the first post.
We need to develop a better tutorial.

I think it should last until a better tutorial has been implemented.
So the new player can have some basic information of how morale system work.

have you a todo list of all tray you want add in the file ?
with a quick info ?

Just do the CK2 method of giant info-dump windows at the beginning of every game :stuck_out_tongue:

While I liked this pop-up, I’d have to agree that it’s not the best for new players.