[NaB] Can't interact with object in chest

We can select the chest , we can see its content , but the interaction bar keep targeting the chest
So we can’t interact with object in chest
I have multiple workbench in some chest and don’t know how to place them now :confused:

Use the place item tool (shortcut P). It will show you all the placeable items that you own and let you place them. It can also be found as a button in the build menu.

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hey there @HunterLykos, welcome to the discourse :smile:

as @Tuhalu said, there is actually a separate UI for item placement, heres a quick screenshot,

hope that helps.

Ahh yeah XD
I just totaly forgot about it :stuck_out_tongue:
tahnks for the shortcut

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Holy god thank you for this… This makes putting fences down much easier.